Menu & About Us

El-Vaquero (which means Cowboy in Spanish), was established in 2008. El-Vaquero brings you a unique authentic South American dining experience.

Your trained Passadors (meat carvers)will pass from table to table slicing an array of fresh meats directly from the skewers onto your plate, which will titillate your taste buds & crave for more.Our selection of meat is extensive & will be sure to tempt, with delights including leg of lamb, beef (in a variety of cuts), sausages and grilled pineapples as well as authentic specialties such as chicken hearts. All accompanied by a vast selection of hot dishes & cold fresh salads prepared daily & available at our help yourself buffet counters.

Everything at El-Vaquero is expertly grilled to keep it succulent & full of flavour. If you have a preference of how your meat is cooked, just let one of our Passadors know & they will offer you cuts from either the outside of the skewer so it’s well done, or from the centre if you prefer your meat rare.

No craving is too large at El-Vaquero & our passadors will continue to serve you freshly grilled meats until you can eat no more.