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A Dining Experience

In the Beginning 

•Upon arrival, your server will take you through our most popular menu option (all you can eat BBQ meat).

If you have pre-ordered fish or have any allergies, please let us know.

•When you are ready to start, visit our unlimited buffet of hot & cold veg and salads, all freshly prepared.

‘Turn up the heat’ on our ‘all you can eat meat’

•Once you are back at your table, our trained Passadors (Meat Carvers) will pass from table to table slicing an array of fresh meats directly from the skewers onto your plate.

Our selection of meat is extensive and will be sure to tempt, including leg of lamb, chicken, beef (in a variety of mouth-watering cuts) sausages and grilled pineapple as well as specialities such as chicken hearts.

No craving is too large at El-Vaquero

•Our meat traffic lights on your table are for your own use, and feel free to pause & resume service at your leisure.

The big finish

•Our grilled pineapple is always a wonderfully refreshing way to finish your meal, and is included in the price.

•However, we do offer a delicious range of desserts, on our a la carte menu for those who wish to try something different.


Buen Apetito!